As a person who is passionate about their poultry I often get asked for advice on poultry keeping by both new and experienced keepers.
Although I always love the oppertunity to "talk chicken" my favorite questions are always the ones about poultry behaviour.  The reason that I love the "why does my chicken do that?" questions so much is because they mean that the chickens owner has taken the time to observe their hens behaviour and are as intrigued by it as I am.
Chickens communicate so much to each other through vocal sounds and body language, and their owners can learn so much about their birds by taking the time to observe them closely.
Over the years I have kept notes on the questions that I have answered which I have eventually incorporated into a book called Talking Chickens
The aim of the book is to help poultry keepers new and old to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their chickens by understanding their birds better and by learning to read the signs and understand the signals that chickens display.
The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats from a range of stockists. To order your copy direct from the publisher just click on the crowing cock images at the top right hand corner of the home page.

Happy Whispering!


  1. Every year billions of caged hens lives and dies. Without ever having a life. When you have chickens, you realise that they all have a personality. Not 2 are the same. So billions of chickens/personalities goes to waste every year. So that we can eat cheap.
    Thank you for giving yor life, without ever having a choice, all you chickens.

  2. Got your book now, thanks. I requested a high-res jpeg of the cover for use in CS and, as you didn't leave a contact email, I have messaged you via TAS with my email address. Thanks, TT.

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