Friday, 20 March 2015

Fairies at the bottom of the garden

Do you believe in fairies? Or that magical things do happen?

The fairies at the bottom of my garden are my three orphan lambs Elfine, Tinkerbell and Pixie. 

Elfine, Pixie and Tinkerbell make a faerie ring

 Their mum Lucy suffered nerve damage in her lower back in late pregnancy and had to be put to sleep but miraculously her lovely little daughters survived. Lucy was a quiet, placid ewe and a brilliant mum and the lambs have inherited her relaxed and friendly nature. So it’s up to me to be their bottle brandishing foster mum and take care of the girls as she would have done. 

Lovely Lucy feeding last years lambs- a sweet and gentle mother who made it look so easy

 Tinkerbell is the largest and most independent of the three with sensible little Elfine close behind. Pixie however is….well….Pixie. 

Elfine and Tinkerbell find a sunny spot

Despite being the smallest of the three and having a rather shakey start, Pixie is a tiny sheep with big reputation and quite a fan club. 

Her popularity began when I took her in to the vets for a check up concealed inside my fleece jacket. With her little sleepy head resting on my shoulder, nestled beneath my snugly fleece she was quite content to snooze her way through the car journey in to town and didn't complain about my driving. 

A weak and sleepy Pixie

 recovers from her trip to the vets

Pixie in her daffodil yellow cardigan

 She was very popular with the vet, the receptionist and the pet owners waiting to be seen and was even invited to push in the que. 

 But it was when I whisked her round the super market and popped in to the petrol station that she really caused a stir. Everyone wanted a cuddle and Pixie who accepts the demands of her adoring public was happy to oblige. 

Soon her welfare became the concern of many of my friends who requested text and facebook updates, volunteered for bottle feeding duties and even crocheted her a wardrobe of cardigans. You may think that all this attention might result in a rather spoilt and demanding little lambie but no. Pixie grows bigger and stronger each day and will soon be too big for her cardigans but she hasn’t let her fame and popularity go to her head. She is still little Pixie from the block.

Pixie dashes to avoid the paparazzi in her stylish designer fashions

She is now 3 weeks old and has finally turned a corner, putting her weak and sickly start behind her. Still as sweet and cute as ever she tries her best to keep up with the others and join in their lambie adventures.

Tinkerbell gives her sisters a lesson in how to eat grass.

My lambie girls are not really fairies, but watching them go from their uncertain start in life to big healthy bundles of new life is just as magical! 
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