Sunday, 27 April 2014

Angels with dirty faces

If you've never kept sheep or have only kept those breeds of a scared and skittish disposition then you can be forgiven for thinking that all sheep are fearful, timid and given to bouts of self destructive panic at the slightest suggestion of human contact.
Someone has been eating Dandelion flowers...
"Who me?".,Yes ewe Lucy!

But not all sheep are on a lemming –like mission to self destruct, especially the lovely laid back Ryeland breed. That’s not to say that they are not spirited and cheeky with a mind of their own of course, but for me that only adds to their appeal.
Running buffet? Buddy thinks it's funny to wear his dinner

In addition to their lovely temperament they are the woolliest of sheep with abundantly thick fleece from nose to toes. 

All this fleece along with their cuddly nature is what earns them the nick name of teddy bear sheep and is somewhat of a mixed blessing. Their woolly faces mean that they always seem to be wearing some object or another and close inspection of their farm yard apparel tells the story of their latest mischief or adventure.

Trying to remove the evidence by rubbing your face on your woolly  jumper just isn't working Kylie.

To me however, their silly, straw strewn, sheepy faces are still angelic and their sleepy, snugly dispositions make them irresistibly cuddly, even if they are rather grubby!

Who could resist the offer of a nose rub from a sleepy,
sheepy little angel like Tiger-lilly?... even if she does have a dirty face.

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