Tuesday, 2 July 2013

No Nellie, no!

I didn't wee in the mineral lick...honest!

It’s been a little while since I last updated the Nellie fans amongst you on her recent antics. I know that some of you were keen to read another instalment, so here you go. Well, she was sheared along with the others in early May, which was a new experience for both her and the shearer.  Watching her lurch about as he wrestled to contain her was like watching Rod Hull and emu, but without the safari jacket and false arm.
Being fleece free has sadly only resulted in a more energised (is it possible?) and aerodynamic Nellie who can nip through a slightly open gate like a greased piglet, slip under fence rails with the ease of a double jointed limbo dancer and wriggle into the lamb’s creep feeder like a hungry ferret up a thong wearer’s trouser leg!
Sadly she has now been banished from the lamb’s field for excavating rabbit holes, teaching the lambs bad habits (like how to excavate rabbit holes) and repeatedly filling up her naughty, fleeceless little frame with the lamb’s rations.
After a leaping lesson from Nellie
As you will see from this picture of Tiger Lily, my ewe lamb, after a leaping lesson from Nellie, keeping her on the ground is proving increasingly difficult.
...THIS expression!
So Nellie was moved to the orchard, along with Alice and Charlotte. Despite my best attempts to protect my trees with netting around their trunks, she has taught the others how to balance on their back legs and eat the leaves. That is only when she isn’t head butting Charlotte, harassing the hens, and weeing in the mineral lick!
Any attempt to curtail her wilful ways or dissuade her from destroying the farm is met with this expression and a flash of her tail as she bounces off into the distance. Am I the only person with such naughty sheep?


  1. What brilliant pictures! That lamb looks positively gleeful leaping! Great to have another Nellie instalment! I think your Nellie is probably unique Sue!

  2. I smile every time I read a Nellie post! She's a bad influence, that sheep!

  3. Thank you folks, I suppose I should take some comfort from having a unique Nellie???!


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