Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Chig-lees!

Those of you who enjoyed watching my early hatch of Blue chicks brooding in the kitchen might be interested to see how they have grown. They are fully feathered now and the little dark blue rooster has started to crow.
They are really friendly and sociable, as you might expect. This is, in part, due to their time indoors and also that two of them are Blossom’s chicks. Blossom, as you know, likes to get in on the action and her little son is a chip off the old block. Fortunately he lacks the confidence to be as cheeky as Blossom, but he does follow me around the place chattering and looking up at me hopefully with his head on one side. 
They still don’t have names yet but answer to the call of Chig-lees! Without fail!
They get on well with everyone - especially the cats. Polly and Toby spent so much time staring at them through the brooding box that they were in danger of the chicks thinking the cats were mum!

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