Wednesday, 8 May 2013

In the shake of a lamb’s tail

"Will you stop trying to take pictures of our bottoms!"

Today’s exciting, if slightly gruesome lamb milestone was them losing their tails. I placed rubber rings around their tails when they were born to cut off the circulation and cause the lower part of the tail to drop off. Now, 3 weeks on, my little lambies are looking all grown up.
Some Highland breeds are left with tails intact to afford them some protection against harsh conditions, but lowland breeds like mine, who need less protection and suffer more from insects, have them removed to prevent flystrike.
I think their little bottoms look great with their tidy little tails, but I do miss the enthusiastic tail waggling which accompanied their meal times.
What do you think?
"Has anyone seen my tail?"
"Can you feel a draft?"
"I keep feeling like I've left something behind!"
"I was relying on my tail to take
attention away from my ears!"
"Oh no! My tail's gone too!"


  1. That lamb's ears are just the best!

  2. I think I prefer the shorter tails. I've seen sheep with fly strike and it's not a pretty site. So, all those that think it may be a bit cruel to take their tails, try to imagine maggots eating a poor animal from the inside out.

  3. Yes flystrike is a big risk with the Ryelands as they are wooly from the back of their ears to the tips of their toes. Its such a relief to get them sheared and treated with crovect as this time of year.

  4. Brilliant pictures Sue! Are you going to be castrating as well as tail docking?

  5. We have some Says for use as Lawn mowers
    Our three Ewes have all Lambed this April/May so our Sheep flock went from four to Seven we weren't expecting any Lambs at all!

    They are keeping their tails but as we are new to keeping sheep we have yet to encounter strike!

    Our Ram (not the father) is going to be going into isolation in November :) seven will be quite enough for now!

    here some picture of our new additions
    the lambs are tiny little things

  6. Hi,
    I wont be castrating the two spare ram lambs as I am hoping they will be good enough to sell later in the year. I will need to concider a castrated Ram to keep my coloured tup company tough when I take him away from the ewes.

    The Soays are very sweet little things. The primitive breeds dont seem to suffer quite as much from flys as the breeds which have been bred to produce a profuce fleece like the ryelands.

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