Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ewes’ new do’s

It’s a tough life for us ladies living on a smallholding, and the hard work and inclement weather can play havoc with a girl’s looks. I gave up glamour a long time ago, along with all hope of having the frugal, flushed and feminine look of Felicity Kendal, but my ladies still take a pride in their appearance. So, last weekend I called upon the services of the mobile hairdresser, aka Philip The Singing Shearer, to give them a brand new hair do.
The Singing Shearer
In no time at all Philip had the ladies trimmed and tidy and, although they did end up all having exactly the same hair style, being sheep they didn’t seem to mind. When Phil and his family had gone on their way to another Ryeland breeder in the next village, I gave the girls a pedicure and few squirts of Crovect to keep the flies at bay.
They seemed very pleased to be free from their thick, heavy coats and all pranced off to enjoy the sunshine while I cleaned up after them. It took the lambies a little while to adjust to their mums’ new appearance after their makeover, but they were soon suckling and wagging their tails with delight. 
Why is Mum naked?!!!


  1. God, they look minute without their clothes on! I wish I did!

  2. :-)
    Are they all keeping in the shadow of the barn because they're shy with nothing on?

  3. Ha Ha,

    No they are forming a que for the ladies loos. Well they wanted to check out their new look!


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