Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Underneath the hedges

It is good to finally see Spring settling in and activity in the hedgerows at last. The pheasants are pairing off and are now looking for the choicest nesting areas in the hedge. They are always a pleasure to watch.


  1. What a great post Sue!

  2. Thanks Tim,

    the Spring has really kicked off here as far as the birds and animals are concerned and the place is full of activity. I will post some more blog pics about my other garden visitors soon, they are queing up for their chance to be famous!

  3. I love pheasants! Sometimes I think I feed the entire wild population with my chickens.

  4. Yes they are beautiful arent they? Yesterday I say a magnificent greeny blue one darting under the hedge in a neigbours field. It was so lovely, I wish Id had my camera!

    1. Last year I put two pheasant eggs under a little broody. It was such fun watching them grow up and leave home. The two boys still hang about with the chickens occasionally - eating their food!


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