Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lambing Advent

Well I have made up a lambing shed in the stable block and set up my lambing survival kit, including kettle, tea bags and sleeping bag. The sheep really seem to like it and, as it gives them access to the small paddock, they spend their time wandering in and out depending on the weather. They don’t seem to mind me pottering about in there, watching them or whittering on to them about little lambinos.
The lambing shed
I have set up a lambing advent calendar on the whiteboard and I count down the days till lambing for each of the girls each day. I like to involve the girls in this daily ritual and, to be fair, Lilly and Lucy do try their best to look in the direction of the noticeboard and feign interest. Pippin is the most interested in the board and comes over to help. As a first timer she seems a little anxious about the prospect of lambing. Tickling her ear seems to relax her (well, it works on me too), as does chewing the end of the marker pen and the string that it’s attached to. That’s Pippin by the way, not me!
I must confess that as a first timer myself, I feel a little anxious too. I’m confident of my role as shepherd, nurse and lamb deliverer, but worried for my girls in case they suffer a  prolapse, Twin lamb syndrome, Schmallenberg virus or ring womb. But, as a friend advised me earlier this week, perhaps what I should really be worrying about is whether any of them have another one like Nelly!


  1. Edward Jefferson27 March 2013 at 14:07

    Good luck with lambing Sue - you have got the worst possible weather and I don't envy you one bit. Except of course, having the lambs!

  2. Yes, best of luck with lambing. Keep warm! Looking forward to a few lamb pictures - might make it seem a bit more like Spring!

  3. It seems like only days ago that you were all excited about raddle paste! Can't believe they're already lambing! :-)

  4. Hi Every one and thanks for your support. I suppose that despite my chapped lips and chilblains, I am not as unfortunate as those poor folks who are wading through snow drifts to go about their business. I guess its just that the relentless cold really wears on you after a while.

    1. It is bitter Sue. I don't envy those sheep farmers in Yorkshire and Durham. It is heartbreaking to see the lamb mortalities this year.

  5. Hi Barry,

    I agree. People often think that livestock simply "manage" with very little input from the farmer but times like this hopefully make them realise just how much work goes into producing the meat for our table. Dont imagine any one will want to pay the higher prices that will enevetably be the result.


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