Thursday, 7 March 2013

Birdsong at dusk

As a result of the recent sunny spell that we’ve enjoyed, I have been pottering outside until well after sundown. This is something that I haven’t done since the end of the summer and I had forgotten just what I have been missing. The sinking sun set the sky on fire and the shapes of the trees swathed in the evening mist were really quite magical. 
A tawny owl in the conifers
Another feature of this time of day is the activity of the birds at dusk. The wren was preparing to settle in the ivy for the night, the two male pheasants were picking their way through the hedgerow, and the air was filled with the challenging call of the resident blackbird announcing his claim to his territory. His beautiful song, which reminds me so much of summer, was only interrupted briefly by the rhythmic whooping of a pair of swans silhouetted against the orange evening sky as they made their way to their evening roost. 
Swans overhead
The last two crows to go to roost were preening on the fence posts as the light finally slipped away, before flying lazily to the top of the tallest trees. The tawny owl made his presence known with his questioning "hooo hu huhuhuhooo" from the cover of the conifers. 
The light fades quickly at this time of year and it was soon damp, cold and dark, and the welcoming glow of the lights in the house and the promise of tea beside a roaring fire eventually drew me inside. But the twilight sights and sounds of my garden visitors were all well worth braving the chilly evening temperature to witness.
What a beautiful world we live in.


  1. Beautifully observed Sue. Love the owl.

  2. Ditto Mikes comment. :o) I love watching all the birds in my garden. The wrens seem most willing to hop about on the porch close to the house. I like their confidence.

    1. I once had a little wren who roosted in my porch for the winter. I used to love watching it settle down for the evening and tuck its head into its chest.

  3. Thanks Sue. Reading this, and after a long winter of not wanting to linger outdoors, you have made me remember why I love living on a smallholding. We just don't take the time to appreciate what we have got.

  4. We all scuttle indoors with our head down and our shoulders hunch when the days are wet and cold. But the slightest bit of sunshine and suddenly I lift my head and notice the bulbs, buds and flowers that bare growing in the garden.

    I know that you are all missing the spring as much as I am so Im planning another cheery flower blog soon!

  5. Your pictures are lovely Sue. Makes me feel like I'm there.


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