Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lambing countdown

My lovely little Ryeland girls are just entering the final stage of their pregnancy and I am getting very excited. The ewes seem to be their usual laid back selves and only show any signs of animation when the feed bucket arrives. They are looking quite chubby now...I hope that’s a sign of lamby-ness not just lardy-ness from all their snacking!

Lucy doesn't seem to share
my excitement!
Over the coming weeks their lambs will undergo 70% of their foetal development and will put the greatest strain on the ewes’ nutritional resources. As a result, the feed bucket will become an even more popular feature of the girls’ day. The ewes all look well fed and should have more than enough reserves to support their growing lambs over the coming weeks. I will need to ensure that their nutritional intake remains sufficient.
My next job is to give them their pre-lambing vaccinations, so I’m waiting for a dry day to make the job easier for me and more hygienic for them. Then they can all just sit back and relax while I get on with all the pre-spring jobs and count the days until lambing time. 
Only 35 sleeps to go till my first lambs!!!


  1. Oh yippee! More babies! I loved the watching the chicks, now we'll have lambs too. You are so lucky Sue! Make sure you get loads of pictures, we want all the details.

    1. Karisse,

      you are clearly as excited as I am. I will do my best with the photos but I think I might be a bit busy at the messy end of my sheep!

  2. Those are going to be good looking lambs. Good luck.

  3. Looking forward to sharing this with you. I do miss smallholding but am far too old now!

  4. Well I do intend to do my best to capture as much of it as possible. So I hope to put some lovely little lambie pics up for you at Easter.


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