Sunday, 30 December 2012

The pleasures of potting

When the cold days become so cold that I can’t feel my hands through my gloves and the icy wind makes my ears ache, or when it rains the so hard that it stings your cheeks...then it’s time to retreat to the greenhouse or shed for what I call ‘potting time’.

Today was one of those days and although I set out full of good intentions, I had only got through half the jobs that I had planned to do in the garden before I retreated to the greenhouse with a frothy coffee, the seed catalogue, and a couple of homemade mince pies.

I use the term ‘potting’ quite loosely to cover any number of greenhouse activities, many of which do not involve potting up plants at all but can occasionally result in me dozing off while listening to Gardeners’ Question Time. So, although there was not even the slight glimmer of sunshine to radiate through the greenhouse, it was still cosy and dry, out of the wind and rain, and as popular as ever with my farmyard friends.

The chickens never miss an opportunity to join me in the greenhouse and I often find myself trying to step over a bunch of queuing hens all waiting for their turn to take a dust bath in there. Toby, the farm cat, likes to snuggle up on the sheep fleece that I use to protect my tender plants or lay on my knee and purr.

Blossom, the little blue hen, also likes to ensure that she doesn’t miss out on anything edible, so my attempts to read the seed catalogue and eat a mince pie were thwarted.

Still. It’s a great alternative to shovelling manure any day!


  1. Great post. Have you read 'Fifty Sheds of Grey'? Your greenhouse refuge is just like a chaps' shed!

  2. Ha ha,

    Thanks Tia. I have read 50 sheds but must confess that I havent read the book it was based on. In these days of equality surely us girls are entitled to our sheds too!

  3. Shades was awful - give me Sheds any day!

    1. I turn wood. My four hens help by spreading the sawdust everywhere when they dust bath in it!

  4. Cate, you wont belive the amount of restraint that I am using to avoid a double entenre which involves the term used to describe and adult male hen!

    Anyway if any you you want to share your shed experiences I would love to hear them!

  5. What a lovely pic of your hen on your knee!

  6. Awesome post


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