Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Romance for Rowlie

The start of the mating season has fired young Rowlie the cockerel with an extra burst of enthusiasm to tread the hens, not that he needed it, he had more than enough enthusiasm before!
A nice young chap!
Today I spotted him trying to work his moves on Buffy, my head girl, but she gave him an incredulous stare and a couple of pecks round the back of the head for his trouble and he soon went off the idea. He is a nice young chap really, and not as rough and clumsy as many young males, but she's quite right to play Cathy to his Heathcliff. Buffy is my oldest hen and a bird of very few words, but if she was thinking of saying anything at all, it would have been, “don’t send a boy to do a man’s job”.
Rowlie took the rough treatment graciously and covered his embarrassment by pretending to examine an imaginary bug at his feet. As placid as my birds are, (and Buffy is a very even tempered leader) it’s clear that finding your place and earning respect within the flock is a challenge for young birds.  
Rowlie manages well enough though, and has a clever way of working things to his advantage. He has a coop of his own which he shares with a handful of the pullets his own age, and gets his fair share of treading opportunities when Rufus isn’t looking. He was brooded by his mum, Daisy, in the big coop as a chick, and lived there for the first 4 months of his life. That was until Rufus decided that Rowlie needed a place of his own.
"Don't send a boy to do a man's job!"
Rufus does not allow him to join the others for corn treats, so Rowlie waits for me to give him a little pile of his own where Rufus can’t see him.  This works out well for Rowlie as he often invites a pullet or two to join him, which helps him to win over the girls. Who knows, perhaps one day even Buffy will accept his corn treats, and his advances......


  1. What a lovely, heartwarming story!

  2. Thanks Heather,

    he is a bit of charmer is young Rowlie but keeping more than one cockerel is always a challenge. So far he has managed to get by and get a little hareem of his own. Buffy is a typical "no nonsence" Plymouth rock and is not easily impressed by much. So if he finally manages to persuade her that he is worthy of her then he really will have earnt his place in the flock. Not sure what Rufus the resident male will make of that though.....

  3. It must be fascinating when you have a flock of animals to watch how hierarchies develop.
    I think Rowlie is going to have an exciting future.
    ps I have a harem of plants on my own latest post!

  4. Hi Roger,
    thanks for your post. I find my animals behaviour facinating certainly. Most people never get to realise just how much personality some animals have. Though I suppose that the more they are stimulated and encouraged to interact, the more personality they develop.

    They say that many animals take after their owners, but my animals are all rather cheeky and excentric so.......?


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