Sunday, 2 December 2012

Buffy, the eggs layer

A shell full of life!

For me, this time of year can be dull and miserable, nestled grimly between Bonfire night and Christmas. The shortening days and worsening weather often leave me feeling more than a little gloomy. But not today! Because today is the day that the last of my young pullets finally started to lay!

I once read an old poultry book that said, as a rule, hens stop laying on bonfire night and start again on Valentine’s Day. Well my hens don’t read books, so that may explain why they don’t follow this rule. Despite the dwindling daylight hours, egg production is up!

The exciting thing about the hens coming into lay is, not only do I get to enjoy their delicious eggs for my breakfast, but it also signals the start of the mating season. 

Ah, the endless cycle of life!
Buffy, the eggs layer!

Just as the days are approaching their shortest and Spring feels like it might never return, the gift of an egg, a shell full of life, brings with it the promise of another year full of possibilities. Like the crocus that forces it’s colourful little flower head through the frozen ground, or the early lambs frolicking in the snow, the eggs remind me that no matter how the days shorten and the weather worsens, Spring is just around the corner.

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