Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What’s ailing Eileen - an update

Although Eileen started off eating and drinking well in her infirmary coop, she soon began displaying anxiety at being separated from her friends. She had started to look much perkier and less hunched up and cold, but by her 3rd day of confinement, the stress of her isolation was causing her to feel depressed. She took to spending her day in the coop and refused her food.

Here they are enjoying the late afternoon sun    
As I was now sure that she wasn’t diseased and a danger to the other birds, I decided to put one of her friends in with her for company. Rose would benefit from a little weight gain before the worst of the winter weather sets in, so I intended to keep them in their own coop and run for a week or two and feed them up a bit.

Despite being a little underweight, Rose has a good appetite and once I placed her in the coop she started helping herself to the corn and chick crumb. This soon had Eileen out of her bed and snacking on chick crumb too!

Eileen seemed much happier and relaxed once Rose was with her and the two of them were instantly cooing and chattering to each other. After a couple of days the two girls looked much perkier and seemed to be gaining a bit of much needed condition. Today I decided to let them out of their convalescent coop to catch up with the rest of the flock.


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