Saturday, 10 November 2012

Starting With Hens

For those of you who are contemplating keeping hens for the first time here is a list of all the things that you would need and a rough idea of cost for the essentials.

Accommodation, feed and equipment

  • Readymade coop suitable for 6 hens - £250
  • Plastic Water hopper - £10
  • Plastic feed hopper with cover - £12
  • Coop mounted grit dish - £3
  • Bag of layers pellets - £9
  • Bag of poultry corn - £8
  • Bag of poultry grit -£2
  • Bale of shavings for bedding - £4
  • Bale of straw for nest boxes - £4
  • Miscellaneous bits and bobs such as coop disinfectant, poultry spice, poultry tonic, wormer, lice powder red mite spray, cod liver oil, Vaseline diatom etc - £50.

The Chickens themselves

  • Ex battery hens £1 each (but due to the poor condition of the birds you might want to add special Ex-bat feed to the list above).
  • Unsexed growers or hybrid pullets range from £5 to £15 (for growers you will need to add growers pellets to the list above).
  • Pure breed - £20 + dependant on quality.

Other things you might need
  • A suitably sized run or fox proof electric poultry netting and battery.
  • Plastic feed bins to keep their food safe from vermin, plus a scoop.
  • Poultry carrier for taking them to shows, vets etc.
  • Heat lamps, lighting or heated pads to prevent water freezing in bad weather.
  • Automatic pop hole opener.
  • Poultry books, magazines and breed society fees.

Hope this helps!

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