Monday, 26 November 2012

A Wet Weekend

What a wet weekend! The rain finally stopped here at lunchtime on Sunday so, like the nutter that I am, I jet washed the two hard-standings where my coops go. We have such a sandy soil here that luckily we don't get flooding or poaching on our plot. However, mud, moss, rotting leaves and high pressure water made for a very messy afternoon.

A big softie!
I have a bunch of shed panels all creosoted and waiting to be assembled, so I wanted to clear an area for the new shed coop to go. I was fighting the daylight to get it finished, and the water spray put the hens off going to bed. This lead to all sorts of confusion and culminated in Rowlie, the white rooster, sitting on top of the main shed. I had to offer him a branch to perch on, then lower him down and carry him to his own coop. The silly softy! This meant that I was finally clearing up by moonlight!

I then sat writing this with my laptop on my knee watching the Formula One!

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